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God Treats His People Different From Others

Beloved, as I was reflecting today on Ezekiel 36:11, I discovered that a lot of people are being carried away by so many ugly happenings in the world.
The fearful prophesies that are springing up from so many quarters are helping to compound the issues at hand. But be calm, you are in for a better life. There is hope for you. I saw in the Word of God things that will put smile back to your face.
By the mandate I have from God, I pray that from today God will open a new chapter in your life. No matter what happened in previous years, God is using them to rewrite your story. He is turning your bitterness to sweetness; transforming your sinfulness to godliness; teaching you in the way to go, training you in the path of victory and touching you in a spectacular way.
Child of God, 2021 will be the beginning of best years in your life. The glory of God will show forth, your  Mountain of Success will appear, New chapters & New Horizons will be opened in your life. This includes golden doors of opportunities opened in your favour and an end to Anxieties and Worries in your life. The good Lord is using this year to compensate your efforts with undeniable Success. In every place you shall appear in this year, the presence of the Lord will always be with you.
It is a clear fact that after rain comes shine, so after all you have suffered in the past years, 2021 is announcing your Jubilee, Liberation, Emancipation and Freedom from sickness, barreness, sorrow, poverty and untimely death. I pray that  Super-Abundance of God’s goodness shall never cease to manifest in your life and home.
The LORD said in Jeremiah 29:11-12: “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. Then shall ye call upon me, and ye shall go and pray unto me, and I will hearken unto you.” This means that as you continue in the journey of life this year 2021 and beyond, the presence of the Lord will journey with you and cause your environment to favour you and your household. God will bless whatever you touch and prosper the work of your hand. Wherever you turn to, you will experience the goodness and favour of God; you will not struggle in vain to survive, rather lines will fall upon you in pleasant places and you will be an evidence of God’s faithfulness.
Child of God, Coronavirus or no coronavirus, bad government policies or not, recession or no recession, I pronounce God’s abundant blessings to you in the morning, at noon and in the night. You shall prosper in all ramifications and be divinely protected at all times. You will be far from trouble, you and your household will enjoy sound health. The source of your supplies will not be cut off, you will not experience drought nor depression. Those of you that are paying debt, the Lord will give you endless supply of funds that will enable you clear off your debts with more funds remaining for your personal use.
Your affliction will never rise the second time. I hereby usher you into your territory of divine enlargement and greater glory; there shall be no record of loss or calamity in your home, the faithful God will make you and your family untouchable for the wicked. The Lord will  increase you on every side, He will perfect all that concerns you and give you peace; He will give you new visions for this year and beyond and make it your years of uncommon favour. He will cause you and your household to dwell in safety and your joy will be full. The Lord will continue to defend His investment in your life, and there shall be no lack, no loss and no limitation for you and your household in Jesus name.
The Lord is not done yet. He took me again to Isaiah 43:18-19 with this instruction: “Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.”
Child of God, understand something here. Do you know that it was by divine providence that we witnessed the last day of the year 2020 alive? In case you do not know, God allows bad things to happen so that you and I will appreciate good. You appreciate good health when sickness has taught you a lesson. You appreciate light because you can’t achieve much in the dark, etc.
God used so many things in the previous years to draw us closer to reality. Yes, whatever causes you pain is your teacher. It will not be enough to say that the season of drought in your life has ended; the period of suffering is over; moments of loneliness and uncertainties are terminated; the days of labour without adequate rewards are closed, without you realising that as long as you still live in this world, there would be challenges. The way you accept and work yourself out of these challenges is what defines who you are. When I pray that you will recover all the good things you lost in previous years, what I am saying is that the promises of God in your life stand sure. That with your dependence in God, all things will be well again. You can’t achieve liberation in this world without God. With Him, all things are possible. God is faithful, He cannot lie. When he says something it will definitely come to pass.
His promises are for all His children, but those that find favour in His eyes are treated differently. To them I say, there shall be no tears for them and their loved ones. Are you in the number? Then rejoice, God has provided better things for you. Your life in 2021 and beyond is going to be better than that of 2020. God will give you the spiritual dynamite you need to have your needed breakthrough. You will overcome all your challenges as your days of poverty are coming to an end. The days of abundant life have come. You will begin to see God in reality, bringing to an end the days of seeing Satan and evil things. Premature death is taken away from you and your household. God is positioning you where you are supposed to be, to surpass all you have ever done in all your years put together. Every need of your life will be supplied.
Child of God, as the Lord lives, you are moving into your years of divine favour; years of overflowing compensations; years of fruitfulness; years of open heaven; years of prosperity, peace and joy. As I speak of “years”, I mean that your breakthrough will not stop this year or any year that is known. Do not panic or feel dismayed by the negative prophecies and declarations that you are hearing, they are meant to bring the best in you. Always see your future as bright as the promises of God. The Lord will settle you. You will make speedy and irreversible progress, only be inclined to God…. Shalom!

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