Welcome to PalmGate!

PalmGate Global Ventures Inc., founded in 2002, was established to develop human potentials, with the primary goal of helping people achieve their dreams in life.


To become the fore-most private, indigenous business organizations in Africa.


1. To assist the government in human and economic development.

2. To positively impact the educational status – academic and intellectual – of individuals by providing relevant and appropriate support services.

3. To support and encourage young authors by providing them with professional advice and helping them realize their dreams.

4. To raise, nurture and empower entrepreneurs to build a viable and good business and personal legacy with the fear of God.

5. To assist and educate entrepreneurs whose burning desire is to care for their families with an unquenchable thirst to do good in their communities.

6. To carry out business projects with human relationship and set agenda for business policy makers in Africa. 


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