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Training – PalmGate Global Ventures Inc.



PalmGate Global Ventures operates Corporate and Business Training Programmes that give you all you require to be in life. We are a foremost and very consistent management training institution in Nigeria, focusing on the development of private and public sector management. Each year, we organize an average of 150 workshops. Our in-plant courses meet peculiar needs of the clients through programme objectives and contents design. The open subscription courses offer participants the opportunity to meet people of different backgrounds and share experiences.

PalmGate is a forward thinking project management, consulting and training firm. Our solutions help client improve performance, measurable growth in return on investment, manages changes effectively and delivers excellent business result. This includes managing major projects, and providing the tools, business process re-engineering, training and guidance for clients to accelerate business growth through innovation and the application of innovation, Project Management, and international best practices.

PalmGate is committed to helping business managers, public officers and organization leaders attain higher levels of productivity and greater performance. We provide business executive coaching, business management skills development training, business management development consultancy and human resources management outsourcing to help organizations attain higher efficiency, more effectiveness and enhanced profitability. We recognize that in the field of play, talent is not enough, our approach ensures that people become better through self-discovery, reinvention and doggedness towards more productive actions.

Our facilitation methodology is premised on the knowledge that learning takes place when people take effective actions.  People learn through reading, observing, listening, interaction, mistakes, failure, experiment and success. It is therefore our practice to expose people to all these methods of learning facilitation in order to achieve the attitude that drive actions that ultimately leads to desired skills upgrade observed in job performance.

Research has shown that 50 percent of skills and knowledge of people get obsolete in three years. Consequently organizations that pay lip service to staff skills development is destined to go into oblivion quickly.

LCL Method takes participants through a journey of self-discovery; identify patterns of behaviours and skills practice that are working for them and help discard not productive behaviours and skill and create action plan towards more productive behaviors that ensure increased productivity and enhanced individual and business performance.

We invite you to come and experience one of our immersive sessions.

Computer Training/ICT


Current economic and social-political events have triggered off far reaching scientific and technological innovations in certain industries, one of which is “computer”.

Consequently, most modern and result-oriented individuals, organizations, ministries, departments etc. have realized the need for the training, procurement, adequate maintenance and use of vital computer equipment to achieve set goals and save both costs and time.

Conscious of the keen interest in the industry, and to fulfill her dire mission and vision PALMGATE COMPUTER TRAINING INSTITUTE (PCTI) has developed a training system with special emphasis on Computer Practical Based Training (CPBT) in order to keep pace with global trends and societal needs. PalmGate Computer Training Institute (PCTI) has the latest versions and state of the art training facilities and resources.

PalmGate is a registered and approved Institute with a conglomerate of seasoned and experienced Computer Professionals and Engineers. It is a new generation Computer and information and Communication Technology firm registered in Nigeria under the companies & Allied Matters Act (as amended) of 1990.

The main focus of PalmGate Computer Training Institute (PCTI) is to render computer and information and communication technology (ICT) services to individual, non-Governmental Organization, Government Establishments), Corporate Organizations and a select high profile individuals, within Nigeria, who require superior equipment, and training etc.


Our programs are efficiently linked to organization goals, departmental and individual training needs and specific framework of computer and management concepts. In the process, instructional activities are made both relevant and practical and linked to students work related situations.

Our training activities seek to encourage team work, bridging of values gaps among students and challenging their critical and creative minds beyond the confines of their present job knowledge and pre-occupation. We recognize the changing needs and priorities of our client individual, organization, ministry and departments. To adequately meet them, we are always keen on establishing pre-course contents for a detailed appreciation of their needs which we reflect in our course contents and activities.


To be the primus interpares in the provision of excellent, cost-effective and qualitative Computer and Information and Communication Technology (1CT) services to meet the challenges of the new millennium.


To provide functional, standard and flexible computer training and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services which add meaning to life and chosen career.


We feel a deep sense of honour and pride to be Nigerians. It is a responsibility we take seriously. It is a call to serve and be a part of the dreams and aspirations of a unique people. We are positive about the future of Nigeria. To put smile of satisfaction and exceed expectations on their faces, this is at the heart of our operation


We aim to establish best practices in Computer and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) knowledge and exceed our students’, customers’ and clienteles’ expectations on every aspect of our programme and services.


PalmGate Computer Training Institute (PCTI) offers choices of qualifications from Certificate, Advanced Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma Instructions provided through flexible delivery of 75% practical and 25% theory which allows students the convenience to choose time and course of study which will empower them with the basic tools that will surely make the difference.

PalmGate Computer Training Institute (PCTI) Programmesare designed to increase the access and level of all to computer and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) literacy in a manner of convenience to their circumstances and disposition. These will certainly enhance their productivity needs and also cater for the continuous computer need of professionals such as Teachers, Bankers, Doctors, Politicians, Engineers, Self Employed Business Men/Women, others include National Youth Service Corps Members (Corpers), Industrial Training (IT) Students, Students Industrial Working Experience Scheme(SIWES) Students, Capacity Accumulation Programme (CAP), National Open Apprenticeship Scheme (NOAS) etc. The range of clientele is elastic and shall be continually reviewed to meet societal ever-changing computer and Information and Communication Technology (1CT) needs.

  • General Computer Appreciation (GCS 101)
  • Ms-DOS (GCS 102)
  • Ms Word (GCS 1117)
  • Ms Excel  (GCS 211)
  • Ms Power Point  (GCS 118)
  • Ms Access  (GCS 212)
  • Ms Publisher (GCS 213)
  • Ms Project  (SCS411)
  • Ms Outlook (SCS 412)
  • Ms lnfoPath  (SCS413)
  • Ms FrontPage (SCS415)
  • Ms Vision  (SCS416)
  • Ms Project Professional  (GCS 325)
  • Ms OneNote  (SCS 417)
  • Adobe Page Maker (GCS 226)
  • Corel Draw (Versions) (GCS 227)
  • AutoCAD (SCS 411)
  • Archie CAD (SCS529)
  • Peachtree Accounting (SCS 528)
  • System Maintenance and Repair (SCS 527)
  • Internet Technology
  • Management Information System
  • Information and Telecommunication Technology (SCS 526)
  • Photo Express
  • Print Artist
  • Advanced MS Excel
  • Computer multi-media
  • MS Windows
  • Corel Capture (SCS 421 )
  • Corel Photo paint (SCS 422)
  • Corel RA.V.E (SCS 423)
  • Corel Trace Corel
  • Duplexing (SCS 425)